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Cousins in Clay


Proud to make the art you live with.

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Our Next Show is May 30th and 31st, 2020

at Bulldog Pottery

3308 US Highway 220 N, SEAgrove NC

Schedule of Events TBA

Cousins in Clay is a Show and Sale of Contemporary Ceramic Art

Cousins in Clay is also about kinship — a kinship based on a shared appreciation for the pursuit of excellence within the diverse language of clay. Join Michael Kline, Courtney Martin, Kyle Carpenter, and Bulldog Pottery’s Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke this Labor Day weekend at Michael Kline Pottery for an art pottery show and sale open to the public. Plan your visits to Bakersville, NC and Seagrove, NC to see a generous bounty of pottery made by these nationally recognized artists.


Our Family Story


 Our Story

The Cousins in Clay is a collaborative pottery adventure started in 2008 by Bruce Gholson, Samantha Henneke, and Michael Kline. Each year we invite some of our pottery kin from far and wide for a pottery rich weekend that includes a whole lot of our best pottery, awesome fresh food and beverage, and of course we demonstrate how we make pots! In 2019 Courtney Martin and Kyle Carpenter joined Michael to host the sale in Bakersville, NC.

The name of "Cousins in Clay" is attributed to Michael who referred to a visit to his “clay cousins” Bruce and Samantha in Seagrove, on his blog Sawdust and Dirt. After the cousin reference in his blog, Bruce and Samantha invited Michael to participate in their first Bulldog Pottery Studio Art sale, and titled it “Cousins in Clay”.

Cousins in Clay is a biannual event. The weekend after Memorial Day, Bruce and Samantha host Cousins in Clay at Bulldog Pottery in Seagrove, NC and every Labor Day weekend Michael, Courtney and Kyle host at Kline Pottery in Bakersville, NC. Each event includes nationally recognized guest potters. We recognize that clay artists all over the world are related to one another through the common bond of clay. We are one big extended family of cousins in clay!

Our Extended Family

Dan Anderson (2014), Bill Brouillard (2015), Troy Bungart (2018), Kyle Carpenter, Blair Clemo (2014), Henry Crissman (2015), Val Cushing (2010), Judith Duff (2012), Adam Field (2015), Dan Finnegan (2019) Julia Galloway (2016), Bruce Gholson, Steven Godfrey (2018), Kenyon Hansen (2017), Samantha Henneke, Rick Hensley (2013), Kristen Kieffer (2016), Becca Jane Koehler (2019), Peter Lenzo (2011), Courtney Martin, David MacDonald (2013), Paul McMullan (2018), Jenny Mendes (2014), Didem Mert (2017), Ron Meyers (2012), Lindsay Oesterritter (2017), Doug Peltzman (2015), Donna Polseno (2013), Justin Rothshank (2015), Mark Shapiro (2012), Dug Stanat (2016), Sam Taylor (2012), Jack Troy (2011, 2013), Todd Wahlstrom (2018), Tara Wilson (2016)


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