Steven Godfrey - Guest Cousin

Cousins in CLay Seagrove, NOrth Carolina

hosted by Bulldog Pottery / Gholson & Henneke
June 2 - Saturday- 10:00am - 5:00pm
June 3 - Sunday- 10:00 - 4:00pm

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Steven Godfrey anchorage alaska

Artist Statement 2017

"There are many things that I am inspired by: old New England barns, the color of honey, glacial ice, Ellsworth Kelly plant drawings, Sung Dynasty pottery, Native Alaskan ivory bird carvings, Illustrations of animals in Thornton Burgess’ books for children, Danish furniture, magpies…. As I am working in the studio, I hope for my interests to blend together and emerge as simple and clear statements. Distillations that describe me, an individual who really enjoys living and cares about making things that help people feel better about today."


Steve Godfrey grew up in the town of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the Hartford Art School in 1993 and his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1996. In 1998, Steve Godfrey spent the year as a resident artist at The Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts after spending time teaching ceramics at the Hartford Art School. In 1999, he accepted the position of Term Instructor and Ceramics Area Technician at the University of Alaska Anchorage. In 2004, Godfrey was hired as the area coordinator of the Ceramics Area at UAA. As the co – curator of the Kimura Gallery and the Arc Gallery on the UAA campus, he has curated numerous exhibitions such as the National Figurative Sculpture Invitational,  Interface: A Selection of Contemporary Ceramics, and Re Pair: The Photographs of Asia Freeman and Michael Walsh. As the coordinator of the Ceramics Area Visiting Artist Program, Steve has been responsible for organizing over 35 workshops with in internationally known artists such as Andrew Martin, Beth Cavener Stichter, Chris Staley, Krista Assad, Sunkoo Yuh, and Akio Takamori. Under his leadership, the UAA ceramics area has become a major contributor to the Bowls for Beans Café Fundraiser in Anchorage.  Beyond teaching, he has been consistent in making and showing his ceramic work, participating in numerous exhibitions throughout Alaska and the lower forty-eight states. Recently, he was invited to participate in the North American Pottery Festival at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis MN and the Florida Heat Ceramics Conference in St. Petersburg FL.  In 2015, Professor Godfrey presented a solo exhibition at the Schaller Gallery in Benton Harbor, Michigan.