The “Cousins in Clay” Mobile Anagama Dwight M. Holland Scholarship Wood-firing

“Cousins in Clay” May 30-31, 2015
Seagrove, NC at Bulldog Pottery hosted by Bruce Gholson, Samantha Henneke and Michael Kline

            Kiln Set Up: Friday, May 29th --- 1pm - 5pm
            Kiln Loading: Saturday, May 30th --- 8am - Noon
            Kiln Firing: Saturday, May 30th --- 1pm - 5pm
            Kiln Unloading: Sunday, May 31st --- 10am - Noon
            The Dwight M. Holland Scholarship Fundraiser Sale: Sunday, May 31st --- 1pm – 4pm

Henry James Haver Crissman is headed to “Cousins in Clay” with “The Mobile Anagama” wood fired kiln on a trailer to conduct a wood-firing that will result in a fundraiser sale to benefit the Dwight M. Holland Scholarship which assists in sending students to the Annual North Carolina Potters Conference. The firing will be open to all that would like to participate. Participants are welcome to bring bisqued and glazed ceramics to be fired. Upon unloading the kiln on the morning of Sunday, May 31st we ask that each participant select and donate one of their finished pieces from the firing to the Fundraiser Sale to benefit the Dwight M. Holland Scholarship fund.

            Details Regarding Pottery to be Fired

  • Please RSVP – space is limited ( bulldog at )
  • All ceramics must arrive bisqued and glazed
  • All clays and glazes should be suitable for temperatures in excess of cone 10
  • Size limit:  Cup size is ideal, 3 or 4 pieces each would be great. Nothing larger then 12" in any dimension.
  • Flashing is good
  • Fly ash deposits are minimal
  • A variety of shapes and sizes are preferred (There are several places to hide low plates)
  • Wadding will be done on site


For questions about the event please contact Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke:
Text Box:               E: bulldog at
            T: (336) 302-3469 OR (910) 428-9728

For technical questions regarding kiln please contact Henry Crissman:
            E: hjcrissman at
            T: (989) 600-2467

For more information about Henry and his work please visit:

The North Carolina Potters Conference, which takes place annually during the first full weekend of March, is hosted by the Randolph Arts Guild, located in downtown Asheboro. In 2012 a scholarship fund was started to honor Dwight Holland, his vision, and his years of leadership for the North Carolina Potters Conference. A limited number of scholarships are available for students to attend the conference.

Eligibility.. To be considered, applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate studies program with a focus on ceramics. To apply, send an email to DwightHollandScholarship at with the following:

  • 3 – 5 images of your work
  • Essay 500 words or less about why attending conference would be of benefit to your education and career.
  • North Carolina Potters Conference takes place annually during the first full weekend of March.