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Born in Evansville , Indiana , Bruce Gholson moved as a young child to Stillwater , Oklahoma where his father was a professor of Biochemistry at Oklahoma State University . While attending college OSU, Bruce took a ceramics class and has been making pots ever since. He later transferred to the University of Georgia in Athens where he received his BFA in ceramics. He lived and worked as a full-time studio potter in Floyd , Virginia until he went back to graduate school at the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University , in Alfred , New York . He received his Masters of Fine Arts and moved to Seagrove , North Carolina with Samantha Henneke in August of 1997.


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Interview with Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke


Artist's Statement

I am always amazed at how classically traditional my pottery seems to be after completing a body of work. I try to be unfettered and eclectic in the way I approach working with the clay, especially when choosing clay bodies, forming techniques, and types of firing necessary to achieve the surfaces that I desire. I find that changing between porcelains, stonewares, and red clays, stimulates ideas. The material based intuitions that result, feed back into the creative process. Recently I have been enjoying the effect of red clay fired at stoneware temperatures with contrasting white slip. The red clay is now providing me with a whole new palette of color and surface texture from my existing glazes, which I previously worked with on porcelains.

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